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Two new books  agreed:

Savin-Baden, M. and Tombs. G. (2018) (eds) (forthcoming) Threshold Concepts in Problem-based Learning.  Rotterdam: Sense

Burden, D. and Savin-Baden, M (2018) (forthcoming) Virtual Humans. Florida: Taylor and Francis


New article

Savin-Baden, M. (2017) Researching approaches for education in the digital age: digital tethering and digital métissage Methods News Newsletter from the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods 2: 5


New book chapter

Savin-Baden, M. and Falconer, L. and Wimpenny, K. and Callaghan, M. (2017) Virtual Worlds for Learning. In: E. Duval., M. Sharples and R. Sutherland, (Eds.)Technology  Enhanced Learning: Research Themes. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. ISBN Hardback 978-3-319-02599-5 eBook 978-3-319-02600-8 (In Press)  Preprint here   319564_1_En_9



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Best educational game

Best educational game at games competition at ECGBL with Michael Callaghan

All current versions of the Circuit Warz game are available for free download from the links below. Please feel free to distribute these to any one that is interested.We also have a few VR versions (multi-player and voice controlled)under development and my favourite, an Amazon Echo/Alexa app which helps you play/win the game.

Please see links below

Circuit Warz Voice Control, Virtual Reality and Multiplayer Virtual Reality Demos

Circuit Warz Series Parallel Circuit: Amazon Echo Helps Save The World

Circuit Warz PC


New article . . .

Savin-Baden, M.  (2016) The impact of transdisciplinary threshold concepts on student engagement in problem-based learning: a conceptual synthesis Interdisciplinary  Journal of Problem-based Learning  10(2)

Free download here





Musgrave, J., Savin-Baden, M. and Stobbs, N. (2017) Studying for your Early Years Degree




Just out summer 2016

Savin-Baden, M. & Tombs, B. (2016). The Glow of Unwork? Issues of Portrayal in Arts-Related Research. LEARNing Landscapes9(2).

Savin-Baden, M. and Falconer, L. (2016) Learning at the interstices; locating practical philosophies for understanding physical/virtual inter-spaces Interactive Learning Environments   ISSN Print: 1049-4820 Online: 1744-5191 (In Press) Published online: 16 Mar 2016   PDF

Savin-Baden, M. and Bhakta, R. and Burden, D. (2016) Cyber Enigmas? Passive Detection and Pedagogical Agents: Can Students Spot the fake? Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Networked Learning 2016. pp. 456-463. ISSN ISBN 978-1-86220-324-2

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New book soon

This is my new book, out in January 2017

Research Methods for Education in the Digital Age 


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New articles

Savin-Baden, M. (2015) Education and Big Data in Peters, M. and Jandrić, P. (eds.) (2015) Springer Encyclopaedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy    Preprint 337771_0_En_128-1 (1)

Leddington Wright, S., Duncan, M. and Savin-Baden, M. Student Perceptıons and Experıences of Problem-Based Learnıng in Fırst Year Undergraduate Sports Therapy Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education 17 39–49

Savin-Baden, M., Tombs, G. and Bhakta, R. (2015) Beyond robotic wastelands of time: Abandoned pedagogical agents and new pedalled pedagogies E-Learning and Digital Media   0(0) 1–20  DOI: 10.1177/2042753015571835

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Encouraging . . .

Good to  know my workshops have an impact some of the time

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YouTube video of Digital Fragments and Lives online

Savin-Baden, M. (2015) Digital Fragments and Lives online Seminar presented at University of Southampton 14th January    YouTube video of talk 

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New book is launched

This is the clip of the launch of

Savin-Baden, M., and Wimpenny K. (2014) A Practical Guide to Arts-related research. Rotterdam: Sense

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New site

I have just started a new site with some introductory posts on qualitative research resources, it is here

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New Books

Coming soon:

Savin-Baden, M. (2015) Rethinking Learning in an Age of Digital Fluency Is being Digitally Tethered a New Learning Nexus? London: Routledge


Savin-Baden, M., and Wimpenny K. (2014) A Practical Guide to Arts-related research. Rotterdam: Sense

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Two new articles out

Savin-Baden, M. (2014) Problem-based learning: New constellations for the 21st Century. Journal of Excellence in College Teaching 25  3&4 pp 197-220  Preprint Savin-Baden JECT (3)

Fredholm, A., Savin-Baden, M., Henningsohn, L and M Silén. (2014) Autonomy as both Challenge and Development in Clinical Education Learning, Culture and Social Interaction  Preprint: Manuscript Autonomy as both challenge and development 

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